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Like the UK machine tool industry we have quite a history

Unfortunately the UK has had decades of governments hell bent on de-industrializing the UK
During this time we have still managed major achievements but have also suffered 
“Machine tools are the mother of all manufacturing”. 
Because the government either does not understand this or disregards it we have ended up with this crazy situation
  • we need foreign countries to provide our power generation services
  • we give £billions plus contracts to foreign countries to build our railways
  • and so on and on and on…..
When railways were first being built in the far corners of the world Webster & Bennett supplied the machines to make the wheels and to keep them turning
We believe in machine tools and believe they should always be built with long life quality, not as 5 year disposables
Happily there are still engineering and manufacturing companies around the world that believe the same
And so we continue…………..
If you are interested to see where my 50+ years obsession with machine tools has taken me – read on
The power point is specific to VTT and my Webster &Bennett life and obsession
Iain Exeter

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