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Vertical Turning Machine
> Machine tool rebuilding since 1961.
>Vertical turning machine rebuilding since 1969
>Webster & Bennett vertical turning specialization since 1986
>Design and build of Webster & Bennett new CNC vertical turning centres since 1994
VTT Quality British
Machine Tools
> New Machines
> Service and PMP
> Buying and Selling
> CNC conversions and retrofits
> Refurbish/Rebuild/Modernization of all CNC and manual machines

Below are the World Class Machine Tools we built in Webster & Bennett in Britain.

Proven outstanding innovative and enduring qualities made them a great investment then.

Now a smaller investment enables us to modernize them for the 2020’s and 2030’s for an even better investment return


New Vertical Turning Centres and new Horizontal Boring Machines

“Our machine tool history will only allow us to represent a top quality, top value machine tool that can provide the kind of performance our customers expect. Newland machines do.”

VTT – exclusive distributors in the UK, Europe and Scandinavia for Newland Machine Tool Group Inc.


The Millennium CNC from 1996

A design that has proven to hold its world class performance. High speed, high power, super precision turning , contour milling and grinding. Capacities to 2300mm

The Evolution CNC from 2004

Evolution machines are built using the wonderful over engineered basic structure of the W&B 36, 48 and 72 manual machines. Result – a new machine for turning, grinding and PCD drilling – 12kw! Turning diameters to 2100mm

The Revelation CNC from 2006

A super heavy cutting machine for turning, grinding and contour milling. Capacities up to 5000mm dia.

The Aeroturn CNC from 2009

A faster, lighter duty , but still powerful!, Turning, milling and grinding

ManuPlus manual machine from 2004

Convert your faithful manual machine, even back to 1960, into a manual machine for the 2020’s and 2050’s or onto the manual/CNC hybrid the ManuPlus-CNC. The best value in vertical turning machine development


Turning , milling and grinding

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