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Factory: Bay 7 BSA Tools Ltd Mackadown Lane Birmingham B33 0LE.

Machine tools
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We specialise in service support and refurbishing the Webster and Bennett Vertical Turning Centers that we designed and built between 1993 and 2010 – the Millennium, Evolution, Revelation and Aeroturn VTCs

The VTT-WB ManuPlus. The wonderful manual machines from the 1960/70’s can be modernised to produce to 2020 standards in a wide variety of specifications, less than 50% of the cost of an inferior built new machine

The Warwick Facility in 2007 – super efficient machine tool design & build

We can no longer build these machines new in the UK. That is a very sad story because the whole home grown UK machine tool industry was substantially destroyed in the 1980/90’s by government incompetence and ministerial lies.

There is a short introduction on this page, below the machine information.

Check out for the full story and see the danger that government ignorance has put us in.

Designs for sale – Manufacturing Partners needed

We are looking for partners to manufacture these machines. The Millennium and Revelation require a large machine tool designer and builder. The Aeroturn was designed to be built easily by a small company. The Evolution and ManuPlus are perfect for a small company located in one of the countries where there are many existing Webster & Bennett installations



A range of vertical turning centres. These were purchased by world leading companies because of their innovations and high quality performance. A design that has proven to hold its world class performance. High speed, high power, super precision turning , contour milling and grinding.

Click on the photo to see film and photos of the Millennium in build and in action

We specialize in supporting and modernising the Webster and Bennett Vertical turning centers that we originally designed and built between 1993 and 2010. We can support most machine tools

Contact us for any machine tool support of all quality CNC machines



machines are built using the wonderful over engineered basic structure of the W&B 36, 48 and 72 manual machines.

Result – a new machine for turning, grinding and PCD drilling – 12kw. Turning diameters to 2100mm

Click on the photo to see film and detail photos of The Evolution in build and in action

Since 2004 we have given older Webster and Bennett vertical borers a new life and a new 2020’s specification chosen from the range of ManuPlus specifications



A range of super heavy vertical turning centres for turning, grinding and contour milling. Capacities up to 5000mm dia.
Very innovative tooling developments and robot loading
Click the photo to see film and photos of the machines we built

Machine tool rebuilding since 1961
Webster & Bennett vertical turning specialization since 1986

We can provide high quality service support for all quality machine tools. Take a look at our history brochures



The Aeroturn CNC vertical turning centre

The last range of machines we built new in 2010.

Designed to offer a lighter duty machine than the Millennium. Even with linear guideways it proved to be a very powerful machine for precision turning, milling and grinding

Click the photo to see film and photos of the machines we built 

We can provide high quality service support for all quality machine tools. Take a look at our history brochures


ManuPlus – 15 to 50 tons of recycling in one machine
That is Green!

Webster & Bennett the best known vertical boring machines in the world 

VTT-WB – specialists with the history to service, upgrade and modernize these great machines

VTT-WB – updating with qualities that made Britain a world leading machine tool designer/builder

VTT-WB ManuPlus program giving 50+ year old W&B machines a new outstanding 2020’s capability

OPPORTUNITIES - from time to time we can offer these machines refurbished, modernised if necessary, always guaranteed


  • MILLENNIUM 2-175/210 VTL. A 2 axis vertical turning machine for huge material removal with high accuracy and high quality finish. email for a quotation and full technical specification.
  • MILLENNIUM 3-120/150 VTC. A very full specification vertical turning and continuous rotary milling machine, 12 months guarantee of working to new machine tolerances. email for a quotation and full technical specification. Film below is a similar machine
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This film shows the first Millennium we refurbished 6 years ago. It is a 3E-125/150 VTC, a sister to the smaller Millennium currently being refurbished. The first machine continues to turn and machine extremely precise and important defence components

An introduction to a very sad situation – for decades we have been governed by people who do not understand these simple things

If you do not make it you have to buy it. The UK used to make everything. Now we have to buy it

Machine tools are the mother of all manufacturing. They make the machines that make everything. 40 years ago the UK had an internationally recognized very strong machine tool industry that got into trouble because weak management could not work with the unions, not all were politically motivated, and succumbed to the nonsenses of one incompetent government decision after another that promoted de-industrialisation that has destroyed our abundance of skilled engineers. I experienced all the expectations of the 1960’s, then witnessed the negative years that followed. I don’t hold back in criticizing those responsible. Look at

What Harvard say here is so true. It is so obvious.

Before the Industrial Revolution there were hand tools and most components were made in wood. Industrialisation was initially benefitting agriculture and textiles but not so much transport and steam/power generation where metal parts would increase operating specifications and the life of the vehicles and machines used in transport and power. As different machine tools were invented and developed interchangeability of parts, a huge benefit, became possible.

During the second half of the 19th century machine tools became the largest industrial sector in the USA. The UK machine tool industry was also developing fast producing machines whose names would be amongst the most important world wide throughout most of the 20th century – Herbert, Wickman, Webster & Bennett all from Coventry, together with BSA in Birmingham. Smaller companies in these two great cities developed many specialized machine tools

The machine tool industry in the UK and the USA were major contributors to our success in the World Wars. Since 1981 our ability to manufacture weapons and armoured vehicles has reduced with the decades of de-industrialisation policy. The UK manufacturing capacity that remains is almost full of machine tools built overseas, many in countries that we have been to war with or had a poor relationship with. If we fall out with them where do we get spare parts or replacement machine tools? Cars, airplanes, tanks, ships, railways, power stations – made them all but now we spend hundreds of billions for people to make them for us. Senseless

The effects of these deindustrializing policies on Greenhouse gas effect? Not what most people think! They have their heads in the sand.

Want to read more or argue with me – I invite you to this link

The 1992 document shows the quality of our manufacturing facility in 1992 about to be destroyed.
Our destruction was just one of many, as result of Government ineptitude.
In the history document you can see more photographic examples of our achievements.