VTT Opportunities

Our favourite opportunities are when one of the machines we built comes available to buy. This has mainly occurred when companies have had product changes and the machining cells sold have included one of our machines creating a great opportunity for a new owner

Most successful are the moves where we have been engaged to take responsibility for the decommissioning, dismantling and transport, re-assembly and re-commissioning. Where cost effective updating is possible we manage that also.


A Millennium 3 – 160/175

Looking for a new owner! A Millennium 3 – 160/175. In our workshop
Mechanics and hydraulics currently being refurbished. Electrics and CNC are being fully renewed
Guarding being updated for more operator convenience, retaining every safety feature.

160mm diameter chuck, 1750mm swing, speeds to 400rpm. Live spindle, full C axis for contour milling etc. etc – take a look at the Millennium photos and films below

For the full specification of this half price almost new 2020 machine with new machine warranty click the button below

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The Millennium CNC Video